About PREF
Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF) is an independent professional organization created by six regional real estate brokers associations in January 1995. Formerly known as the Polish Federation of Real Estate Brokers, the name was changed in February 1997. Currently, the Federation incorporates 23 regional associations with approximately 3500 members, who are either real estate or property management professionals or academics and real estate councilors.


PREF fully respects the widest independence of federated associations but at the same time creates a platform for expressing a common standpoint in matters exceeding the area of a single region. Federation strives to play a positive role in the economic development of the country by clearly defining the rules of activity of real estate professionals as well as by participating in legislative processes facilitating real estate turnover and strengthening the right of ownership. Its international activities are aimed at the promotion of members’ services as well as the whole country and real estate investment possibilities in Poland.

The authorities of the Polish Real Estate Federation comprise:

a.   The National Council, consisting of the delegates of the federated associations
b.   The Board of Directors
c.   The Audit Committee

There is a two year term of the Federation authorities.

The mission of the Polish Real Estate Federation is to ensure the enhancement of the Polish real estate market, namely advancement in the direction of excellent services being provided by its members, building correct information systems for the public and  government, and ensuring that all property professionals are united for the good of the market.

The main objectives of the Federation:

a)       To create cooperation principles and forms of further integration of real estate environment;
b)       To represent the Federation’s members before central bodies and state organizations, and on the international scene;
c)       To protect professional rights and increase the importance of real estate professions,
d)       To promote unity and understanding among real estate professionals;
e)       To promote services of members and to assist with the development of real estate market in Poland ;
f)         To create favorable conditions for setting up professional self-government of real estate professions;
g)       To improve system of education and professional qualifications of real estate professionals;
h)       To propagate the provisions of nationally binding “Code of Ethics and Professional Standards”;
i)         To provide its members with most current information concerning real estate market.

The Federation achieves its goals through:

a)       Cooperating with governmental agencies and other organizations and institutions interested in the regulation and development of real estate market;
b)       Enabling and encouraging improvement of members’ qualifications;
c)       Organizing of conferences, trainings/seminars, exhibitions;
d)       Publishing and disseminating papers, periodicals, specialized books and reports related to real estate markets;
e)       Presenting common opinions on new legal regulations concerning real estate markets;
f)         Promoting and stimulating cooperation among real estate professionals;
g)       Promoting services of members;
h)       Creating positive image of the real estate professions through contacts with mass media;
i)         Developing real estate market researches;
j)         Establishing liaisons with foreign real estate associations and their members.
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